Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Solid financial performance is closely connected to responsible business pracce. We believe companies that understand and address the impact of business on society, as well as the environment will be future corporate leaders.

This is why Unite Assured Security Pvt. Ltd. is commied to making business decisions that address ethical, social and environmental concerns.


Securing Our Community

In the Community as an organisation, Unite Assured Security Pvt. Ltd. recognises the significance of investing in the local communities in which we work. We are keen to encourage community cohesion by supporting the employment of local community residents and of young people through schemes such as apprenticeships, internships and work experience. We are also committed to supporting initiatives that benefit the local community, and the communities of our clients through sponsorship, participating in charity events and causes, and being involved in our clients CSR initiatives.


Securing Our Environment

The Environment Energy efficient policies are incorporated into ourservices, premises and operations. Targets are set for progress on environmental aspects such as recycling, and incentive schemes are in place for all Head Office employees proposing new ideas to further minimise our environmental impact. We ensure that environmental issues are always included in Company training programmes. All our employees are encouraged to adopt sound environmental practices both at work and at home.