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To keep our standards and promise to provide the best professional security, we recruit the best candidate. We give utmost attention to the recruitment process which follows our stringent corporate hiring rules. Each candidate has to undergo a rigorous physical fitness examination to gauge his tolerance, his ability to cope with difficult situations and his agility to act during emergencies. Also, their background is verified with the help of police.


After appointment, all the candidates undergo a rigorous training for a month by highly trained professionals who have retired from top posts in military, police and fire service departments. They are given theoretical and practical lessons on basics guarding skills, rudiments on first aid, fire fighting and self-defence. They are also given classes on courtesy, obedience, mannerism, fire prevention disaster management and human psychology, to name a few.


Our security personnel are supervised by area officers and area managers who frequent during day and night for surprise checks to ensure that everything is going smooth.